jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Four silly foreigners in Redlands...

(Dedicated to Isa, Kjetil and Anand)

Two weeks ago I gather together with 13 people from around the world to work in a very specific topic, "Imagery Management Work flows".
We were working for six days but had some time to walk around and go to a couple of places on the weekend.
Our little adventure started on Saturday morning with the idea to rent a car for the whole weekend... without a reservation...  silly us.  We walked to three or four places (be aware of the word walked) and there were no available cars so we had to wait until noon with no guarantee of getting a car!.
There were only four people walking around in that city... us... Four silly foreigners in Redlands...
Around twelve we got the car and made our way to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway... but didn't get any food before going up so lunch time was around five that Saturday... Now you understand why the "silly foreigners" nickname?
Anyway, on Sunday we had a car so we went to an amazing place, the Joshua Tree National Park.  This time Halina (a Poland lady who has lived in Redlands for the last fifteen years) joined us and suggested to get food before the hiking... Smart lady!   

We did a long walk through a beautiful desert, went to see an old Mine and had lunch on top of a hill with a wonderful view...

It was a nice weekend and I had a lot of fun with this fellow travelers.

3 comentarios:

  1. aunque este todo, todito en ingles... te escribo en español, para decirte que parece que lo estas pasando genial¡¡¡

    un besin

  2. Que raro el contraste! nieve, desierto...qué pasó con la logística?, poco Rubén por estos días ;), jajaja y qué pasó con la niña que planea?.

    Pero me encanta que tengas estas experiencias en muchas partes del mundo, estoy orgullosa de ti!

  3. Pues fue un muy buen fin de semana!!!
    No hubo planes ni logistica, en este viaje las cosas se dieron sin planearlas... y no estuvo nada mal!!!
    Un abrazo para las dos.